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Furnaces are a necessity in most households, but they have a finite lifespan. Furnaces last between 15 to 20 years, so furnace replacement isn't a cost you'll incur all that often. Keep reading for what to expect when you do need to buy a new furnace.

Furnace Type

Your first step will be to purchase a new furnace. Homeowners typically use natural gas furnaces to heat their homes. These furnaces can cost more to install, but they're generally more efficient to run. A second common option is an electric furnace. Installation is cheaper, but running them can be more expensive. Coal, oil, and wood-burning furnaces are less common.

The other big factor, which only relates to gas furnaces, is the type of heat it puts out. One-stage furnaces operate on an on/off model. You get maximum heat or no heat. With two-stage furnaces, you can get half-power or full-power. The power relates to an adjustment of the heat output. Modulating furnaces continuously adjust to the heat needed in one-percent increments.

Furnace Size

You also need to consider the size of the furnace. Bigger may seem better, but a system that's too large will cycle on and off frequently. This can prematurely wear your furnace. Conversely, a furnace that is too small will waste energy while it tries, ineffectively, to warm the house.

Most manufacturers size furnaces according to their British Thermal Units (BTU), which relates to the furnace's ability to heat one pound of water by one degree. They usually produce several sizes of each furnace model, so you should be able to get your desired furnace in a size that's appropriate for your home.

HVAC experts should size the furnace. They'll take into consideration the house's square footage. However, they'll also look at your home's energy loss calculations. These calculations relate to not only house size, but also window areas, insulation levels, and other related features.

Installation Contract

Once you choose the furnace type and size, you need to hire a contractor to install it — furnace installation isn't a do-it-yourself project. The contractors need to remove the old furnace and fit the new furnace to your ductwork. They may need to retrofit or even replace your system of ducts. So, you'll need a service contract with your HVAC expert.

Ask for specific items to be included in your installation contract. One item is an installation warranty for any defects in equipment or workmanship. One year is standard. Another item is a performance guarantee related to how well the furnace heats your house. Finally, the contract should include a payment schedule with the majority of the payment coming upon completion.

Price Factors

Price will be a big determinant both in your selection of a furnace and a contractor to install it. Concerning the furnace itself, features such as efficiency will affect the cost. Most modern models rate at 90 percent efficiency, with only 10 percent of the heat generated lost to waste. However, you can find models in the 95 percent range. They're more expensive, but they'll yield utility savings.

Concerning installation, the scope of the project will significantly impact the cost. If the contractors retrofit or replace the ductwork, the cost will be higher. The brand and grade of all the materials the contractors use for installation also make an impact on the cost.

Your house may also be a factor. If the contractors have to work in tight spaces, such as an attic or crawlspace, the job becomes more involved. Increased time increases the price. Likewise, they'll consider the age and construction of your house overall.

Don't fear buying a new furnace — especially if you need a replacement. Let the HVAC experts at Dick Kearsley Service Center guide you through the process.


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