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Home appliances are a convenience that we can take for granted. When everything functions well we continue on with our day but, when the unexpected occurs it complicates our lives. When your appliances malfunction, you need fast service that doesn't require breaking the bank. Dick Kearsley Service Center is happy to help. As we have been doing for our customers since 1971. Call one of our experts today for an estimate!
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Washers & Dryers

One common cause for washer and dryer related issues can be due to loss coins or objects causing damage to the drum of your washer. If this is the case, you will notice that your clothing will rip or tear more easily during the washing cycle. Other causes are usually related to over-loading of your machines. While it may seem more efficient to pack your washer or dryer, doing so puts extra strain on the unit which can lead to motor or transmission issues. If you are experiencing any issues with your washer or dryer, it is important to call an expert before the problem gets worse.
Washers & Dryers Repair —home appliances in Clearfield, UT


Sometimes what seems like a serious mechanical issue to your dishwasher is fortunately much less serious. If your dishwasher is not running, first check your fuse box. A blown fuse will prevent the machine from starting. Make sure you also check that the door latch is closing properly before you call your mechanic. If your dishwasher is able to start, but is experiencing other problems, it can usually be attributed to blockage from food particles, which can usually be fixed by manually dislodging the debris. For additional questions or problems that may require more expertise, call our service center today!
Dishwasher - Dishwasher Repairs in Northern Utah

Range & Ovens

Most issues concerning ranges and ovens are related to the ignition process for gas units, or the heating elements for electrical units. For the former you want to examine the connection and hoses that supply the gas. If you notice a leak, turn of the gas supply immediately and contact your local authorities.
Range & Ovens - Dishwasher Repairs in Northern Utah

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals can be surprisingly complex, and repairing them can be difficult. While simple clogs in the disposal can sometimes be fixed without a professional, most other issues usually require both skills in plumbing and electrical systems to properly address.
Garbage Disposals - Garbage Disposal Repairs in Northern Utah

Microwave Ovens

The first thing to check when your microwave is not working at all is the internal fuse. A fuse acts as a protective measure for both you and the unit, and a blown fuse prevents the machine from overheating by disabling the unit. Similarly, a defective door hook will also prevent the machine from starting and is usually a good first suspect for a microwave that won't start. However, if your microwave does start but you are experiencing other issues related to the heating process or the electrical panel, call a specialist who can properly assist you.
Microwave & Ovens - Appliance Repairs in Northern Utah


If you have ever had an unexpectedly high electricity bill, chances are it is because your refrigerator is the culprit. Over time, dust can build up on the condenser coils near the back of your refrigerator, causing your unit to expend more energy than required to function. Since your fridge runs 24/7, this can lead to those unexpected and unwelcome surprises. For more information or to schedule a repair service, consult the refrigerator experts at Kearsley Service Center today!
Refrigerators - Fridge Repair in Northern Utah