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Troubleshooting Uneven Heating in Your Home

There are a few things no homeowner wants to be dealing with during the Utah winter, and one top candidate here is uneven heating within the home. Some of us have experienced this before: Certain areas of the home are precisely where they should be in terms of temperature, but others are either far too cold or are clearly being overheated - what can be done about this? 

At Dick Kearsley Service Center, we're here to provide the very best appliance repair services you'll find across Ogden, Roy, Kaysville, Syracuse and nearby areas - including vital AC and heating services for clients throughout the year. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips for uneven heating in your home, whether you're carrying these out on your own or calling in our professionals for assistance wherever necessary. 

Filter Cleaning

In many cases, the culprit for uneven heating in your home is a simple one that can be fixed with basic care and maintenance: A dirty air filter. These filters are meant to keep dirt, dust and other contaminants out of the furnace itself while also allowing clean air to flow through, but they become clogged over time - especially if not changed regularly. 

In turn, this may mean that certain parts of your home aren't receiving warm air due to blockages. Checking and changing your filter regularly, usually every 1-3 months depending on usage levels and other factors, can be the difference between a warm home and one that needs furnace repair services at significant expense. 

Vents and Registers

Another common cause of uneven heating is blocked or closed vents and registers. These are the grills that cover your air ducts, which work to direct warm air into various parts of the home once it's produced by the furnace. 

Make sure these are all open and unobstructed to ensure proper ventilation throughout the house - this includes all areas like basements, crawl spaces, garages and others where air may not be needed as often. Furthermore, even if you don't use a certain room or area in your home regularly, it's typically not recommended to close vents or registers there, as this can cause air pressure imbalances that lead to uneven heating. 

Fan Settings

One feature of your thermostat that may help with uneven heating is the fan setting. Most thermostats come with two options here - "Auto" and "On." In the first, the furnace blower only turns on when needed to warm up a room; in the second, it runs constantly at low power. 

Consider using this latter option if you're dealing with significant uneven heating issues, as it will keep air constantly flowing and help balance temperatures in different areas. 

Upgraded Thermostat

Speaking of the thermostat, there are cases where an outdated or malfunctioning one may be the cause of your uneven heating issues. If you've been dealing with these problems for a while and can't find any other solutions, consider calling our technicians to check on the thermostat - it might be time for an upgrade to a newer model that offers greater control over temperature balance within the home! 

For instance, a programmable or even a "smart" thermostat will allow for specific temperature settings in different rooms and areas, rather than just one global setting for the entire house. This allows you to better direct warm air where it's needed most without causing excess heating or cooling in other parts of the home. 

Duct Issues

In other cases, the issue could be within your duct system. Ducts that are too small or clogged can restrict airflow, leading to uneven heating in various rooms throughout the home. It's also possible for air leaks to occur in ductwork as it ages, which leads to similar issues. 

In these cases, you'll need professional furnace repair including ductwork inspection, cleaning and sealing services to get your home's heating back in balance. Our technicians will conduct thorough inspections of this area, plus the various other parts within your furnace and HVAC system that could be contributing to uneven heating issues. 

Seasonal Maintenance

Finally, one great way to prevent uneven heating issues from ever occurring in your home is to schedule regular furnace maintenance and tune-ups with our team. We'll clean and inspect all relevant areas of the furnace, plus conduct any minor repairs or adjustments needed before they become major issues that cause significant discomfort - including uneven temperatures. 

As you can see, there are both basic troubleshooting tips and professional services available for any uneven heating issues in your home. For more on how to handle these or to learn about any of our furnace repair services or other appliance repair solutions for clients around Ogden, Roy, Kaysville, Syracuse and nearby areas, speak to the staff at Dick Kearsley Service Center today.


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