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Commercial refrigerators are essential for food service businesses, such as restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and ice cream parlors. However, after years of use, your refrigerator wears out and may not function effectively and efficiently. As a result, it may compromise your business' food safety, tarnish your reputation, and affect the bottom line. Learn six signs your commercial refrigerator is dying and requires replacement.

Frequent Food Spoilage

If you notice that food in your refrigerant goes bad quickly way before the expiration date, something is likely wrong. At times, you might note foul smells from your refrigerator. This could signal that your fridge is malfunctioning and unable to cool your food items effectively. Food spoilage hurts your business significantly by increasing inventory costs and decreasing profitability.

Before replacing your commercial refrigerator, call in a professional to rule out other issues that can quickly lead to food going bad, such as incorrect temperature settings and leaky door seals. If everything else is in top-notch condition, your fridge may be worn out and ready for replacement.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Although commercial refrigerators consume a significant amount of energy, a drastic increase in your energy bills is suspicious. Faulty refrigerator components can strain your refrigerator, causing it to work hard and use more energy to maintain optimal temperatures.

As commercial refrigerators age, their efficiency decreases considerably, resulting in higher utility bills. Also, older refrigerator models are less energy-efficient than modern ones and consume more energy.

Loud Noises

Commercial refrigerators tend to be noisier than home ones. However, loud noises are not usually normal. Unusual clicking sounds, for instance, often point to an issue with the condenser fan or motor. Perhaps debris has blocked the fan and compromised it working. A replacement may be due if the noises persist after addressing fan issues and any possible causes of loud noises.

Recurring Repair Costs

If you constantly repair your refrigerator and incur huge costs, consider replacing it. Although purchasing a new refrigerator can be expensive, the overall costs of recurrent repairs can be costlier.

Older refrigerator models are likely to use outdated technologies and thus require more repairs. A new refrigerator saves you money in the long run through a longer lifespan, fewer repairs, and energy savings.

Excess Heat at the Back

Typically, your commercial refrigerator may feel a bit warm at the back since it discharges hot air to keep temperatures cool inside. However, excessive heat is often abnormal and could signal an issue with the coils or overheating.

Contact a professional to inspect the coils and advise accordingly. While replacing the coils is a good option, replacing the fridge is best in severe cases and accompanied by other problems like inefficiency.

Excess Condensation

A surefire sign of a problematic refrigerator is sweating or excessive condensation. This could indicate your refrigerator does not cool correctly and attain the desired temperature to maintain food safety. As a result, the refrigerator is putting your food at risk of spoiling.

If the condensation appears on the refrigerator's exterior, check whether you have a faulty door seal and repair as needed. As moisture accumulates, bacteria buildup and vast amounts of frost are probable. A new refrigerator can solve the issue of excessive condensation.

The best way to keep your commercial refrigerator functioning effectively and increase its lifespan is to schedule regular maintenance. It identifies any problems before they damage components, require costly repairs, and cause premature replacement.

Get in touch with Dick Kearsley Service Center for commercial refrigerator maintenance and replacement in the Ogden, UT, area. We have four decades of experience servicing commercial refrigerators and offering exceptional services. We stock the best refrigerator brands to meet your needs and budget.


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