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Preventive Tips to Avoid Roy Washer and Dryer Repair Needs

With many appliances in your home, both preventive and reactive maintenance may be necessary. That is, you take regular steps during common usage of these appliances that will help prevent long-term damage from forming, but in rare cases where such issues come up anyway, you respond to them in kind -- and a great example of this give-and-take is within the area of washers and dryers.

At Dick Kearsley Service Center, we're happy to provide all sorts of appliance repair services to clients throughout Roy and nearby parts of Utah, including comprehensive washer and dryer repairs if any issues come up in these components. However, we're also here to provide clients with tips and expertise on how to avoid these kinds of issues to begin with, especially if they've come up multiple times in the past. Here are some of the preventive areas you should be considering during regular use of your washer and dryer, plus how they help you avoid any long-term issues forming.

Regular Washer Cleaning

Periodically, you should be taking the time to clean your washer even when there's no laundry present. This involves a careful mixture of warm water and vinegar, poured into the detergent dispenser and run through a full cycle on the washer.

Doing this helps remove any built-up residue that could lead to clogs, plus it also kills any mold or mildew that might be present. These can cause a range of issues if left unchecked, so it's important to take this preventative step every few months or so.

Cleaning the Lint Trap/Filter

Within every modern dryer, a component called the lint trap or filter is present. This is designed to catch any lint that might come off clothes during the drying process, but over time this component can get clogged up.

When this happens, it puts extra strain on the dryer itself while also potentially causing a fire hazard. As such, it's important for both the safety of your dryer and your home that you regularly clean this component out. The frequency with which you need to do so depends on how often you use the dryer, but in general it should be done every few loads at least.

For some dryers, in fact, the lint filter is meant to be changed after each individual load. Check your dryer's owner's manual to see if this is the case with your model, and if so, make sure you're changing it out as directed.

Avoid Overloading

Within both the washer and the dryer, one of the quickest ways to create wear-and-tear and potential long-term damage is by overloading the machines. That is, putting in too many clothes at once for the washer to handle or cramming the dryer full of laundry.

In general, it's best to avoid packing either machine too tightly. This puts extra strain on the motor and other key components, potentially leading to a breakdown down the line. If you have a lot of laundry to do, it's better to run multiple smaller loads than one large one.

Once again, determining your precise limitations here comes down to reading your owner's manuals. These will have specific guidelines as to how much laundry you can put in at once, and it's always best to follow these as closely as possible.

Empty Pockets Before Use

While you're in the process of packing your clothes into the washer or dryer, be sure to check each article of clothing for any items that might have been left in the pockets. This includes things like loose change, receipts, and other small objects. Those that are hard and could create dents or dings in your machines should be of particular attention.

If these items are left in during a wash cycle and then move into the dryer, they can cause all sorts of issues. For one thing, they can damage the clothing itself as well as the interior of the machine. They could also potentially cause a fire hazard, so it's always best to be safe and remove them before starting a load.

Using Proper Detergent and Other Materials

For detergents, fabric softeners and other materials you use during a wash cycle, it's important that you're using products that are designed specifically for modern washers and dryers. These will be labeled as such on the packaging, and in general, they'll be much gentler and more effective than their older counterparts.

Older products can cause all sorts of problems, from damaging the machine itself to leaving residue on your clothing. In general, it's best to avoid using anything other than modern, washer-and-dryer-specific products.

If you're ever unsure about a particular product, always err on the side of caution and don't use it. There are plenty of great options out there that are designed for your model.

Maintain Door Seal

With your washing machine, the door seal refers to the rubber gasket that goes around the edge of the door. This is designed to create a water-tight connection, and over time it can develop cracks or other issues.

When this happens, it can cause leaks during the wash cycle as well as let outside water and debris in. This, in turn, can lead to all sorts of problems, from decreased washing quality to full-on water damage. As such, it's important to regularly check this seal for any cracks or other issues.

In most cases, you can simply clean the seal with a damp cloth to remove any debris that might have gotten trapped there. If there are any cracks, however, you'll need to replace the seal entirely. This is generally a relatively easy process, but if you're unsure, it's always best to consult your owner's manual or call in a professional.

These are just a few of the preventive maintenance tips you should keep in mind for your washer and dryer. By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that your components stay in good working order and don't develop issues.

For more on this, or to learn about any of our appliance repair or HVAC repair services in Roy or nearby areas, speak to our team at Dick Kearsley Service Center today.


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