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Living in an older home can be quite charming. Older properties have a lot of history. They also have architectural features that aren't found in many modern homes. Unfortunately, older homes do come with some limitations when it comes to the comfort of modern homeowners.

Heating and cooling systems weren't part of the construction process for homes built many years ago. You may find that the cost of heating and cooling your older home is becoming a burden. You don't have to compromise your desire to live in an older property to access efficient heating and cooling services.

Consider these options to help make living in your older home more comfortable and affordable.

High-Velocity HVAC System

One great option that you can rely on to efficiently heat and cool your home is a high-velocity HVAC system. These systems are designed to work much like traditional forced-air heating and cooling systems. A furnace or air conditioner generates heated or cooled air, then this air is pushed through a series of air ducts and vents to the various rooms in a home.

The similarities between the two systems ends there. Older homes might not have enough space between floors to install ducts out of sight. You don't want bulky air ducts to detract from the beauty of your home, so the skinny tubing that is paired with a high-velocity system is a better option.

The vents used by a high-velocity system are also much smaller in size. This will help you preserve any original flooring in your older home.

Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System

If you don't like the thought of having any air vents installed in your older home, then a ductless mini-split HVAC system is right for you. These systems are extremely efficient. A single exterior heat pump can be connected to small air handling units in various rooms throughout your home.

These air handling units can be installed anywhere — up high on the ceiling or down low on the wall. Many air handling units can even be controlled with a remote device that helps to make them incredibly convenient.

Homeowners like ductless mini-split systems because they allow for greater control over the performance of a home's HVAC system. You can create a zoned heating or cooling system that will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort while reducing your energy costs over time.

Modulating Condenser Boiler

In-room radiators were the most popular form of heating during bygone eras. Many older homes are equipped with radiators that are designed to deliver heated air throughout the home. You can retain the original function of your home's radiator system by making a few simple modern upgrades.

A modulating condenser boiler can be added to the existing radiator system. These boilers are capable of operating efficiently due to their ability to harness the energy released by water vapor when it condenses back into a liquid.

Select a modulating condenser boiler that is sized appropriately to meet your home's HVAC needs.  An appropriately sized modulating condenser boiler helps you maximize the energy efficiency and cost-savings these boilers can provide.

When you pair a modulating condenser boiler with upgraded and more efficient in-room radiators, you can create a comfortable living space within your older home at a fraction of the cost.

Heating and cooling can be serious concerns for homeowners residing in older homes. You don't have to compromise your personal comfort or the original structure of your home to enjoy efficient and reliable HVAC services.

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