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Many people rely on ducts, a system of channels that carry air, to heat their homes. However, you don't always need ductwork to heat your home — you can use a ductless heating system and avoid ducted systems' challenges. Below are some of the advantages of ductless systems.

Ease of Installation

Ductless heating systems are relatively easy to install because you don't have to install the ductwork. Ducted heating works best if you install it during the construction phase. Installing ducted heating in existing buildings without ductwork involves many teardowns (ceiling and wall), both expensive and time-consuming.

Ductless heating works great in both new and existing buildings. In most cases, you only need to drill a few holes through the installation wall. The ease of installation results in low labor and material costs. You can also start using your heating system faster than if you opted for a ducted system.

Independent Temperature Control

Ductless heating systems often target individual rooms. Thus, you will need multiple systems to heat multiple rooms. That might seem like a hassle, but it has one great advantage — independent temperature control of every room. Independent heating means everyone can set their desired temperature in their bedrooms.

Note that independent temperature control is also possible with ducted heating. However, you will have to install zoning systems, which is a bit of a hassle with existing heating systems. You don't need a zoning system with your ductless heating system.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless heating is energy efficient due to the absence of ductwork. Duct channels significantly contribute to energy waste by losing heated air or admitting cold air. For example, duct channels often lose energy through:

  • Duct material tears
  • Improper design and installation
  • Duct connection gaps
  • Improper insulation

Independent temperature control also improves energy efficiency. For example, you can turn off or reduce heating in some rooms, eliminating the associated energy consumption.

Energy efficiency has two main benefits. First, it reduces your energy bills, which is a big deal since many people spend a significant part of their take-home pay on energy bills. Secondly, energy efficiency helps to conserve the environment by limiting energy production and carbon emissions.

Improved IAQ

Ductless heating minimizes air pollution by not mixing air from different parts of the house. Many ducted systems also have multistage filtration that removes nearly all the pollutants from the air.

Ducted systems also have air filters. Unfortunately, the filtered air can pick up pollutants in the ductwork. For example, cracks or holes in the duct material can allow mold, dust, or even pest infiltration. In the end, ductless heating provides better indoor air quality (IAQ) than ducted heating.

Silent Operations

All heating systems emit some noise, but the level of operating noises varies by type of system. In ducted systems, some of the operating noises come from the ductwork. Some of the things that cause duct noises include:

  • Changes in air pressure
  • Expansion and contraction of duct materials
  • The rush of air through the ductwork

You don't have to worry about those noses when you install a ductless system.

Minimal Maintenance

The absence of duct runs means you have fewer parts to clean or maintain. You don't have to worry about duct disconnections, obstructions, or leakages. The ease of maintenance also leads to fewer breakdowns.

Both ducted and ductless systems have their pros and cons. Your circumstances may determine which option suits you best. Contact Dick Kearsley Service Center to review your home and advise you on the best system the next time you want to install or replace your heating system. We have over 50 years of experience, and you can rely on our professionalism.


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