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Research reveals that air conditioning systems account for 12% of a home's energy consumption, and for hotter areas in the summer, that percentage is even higher. While AC consumes quite a significant amount of energy, you can take various steps to improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and save money.

1. Close Windows and Doors
One way to increase your AC's efficiency is to close windows and doors when not in use. When you leave them open, conditioned air escapes. In case you want to air your house, turn off the air conditioning first. Also, cover your windows to limit the amount of heat getting inside

2. Clean or Replace AC Filter
Routinely cleaning or replacing air filters increases the efficiency of your AC. A dirty or clogged filter reduces air quality, making the AC work harder. Replacing an air filter can lower energy consumption by 5 to 15%. As such, check your air filters regularly to determine if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

3. Fix Any Air Leaks
Air leaks in your attic, under doors, and around windows contribute significantly to an AC's inefficiency as they allow cooled air to escape. Consequently, your AC runs longer than necessary, resulting in high utility bills. To increase your AC's efficiency and reduce costs, fix any air leaks around your home. Other notorious areas for air leaks are the attic, especially the access hatch, and electrical outlets.

4. Keep Vents Clean and Clear
Keep your vents clean and clear to ensure your system is working optimally. Check your vents to see if there's any dust, pet hair, or other debris blocking them. Take time to get rid of this debris to ensure steady airflow through the vents.

5. Keep the Thermostat Away from Heat Producing Appliances
Where you install your thermostat affects the efficiency of your AC. Installing your thermostat in an area exposed to heat — next to a sunny window or a heat-producing appliance, say a cooker or a coffee maker, leads to an inaccurate reading of your house's temperature.
The thermostat will cool the space more than required due to the high temperature of its surrounding. As a result, the AC works more than it should, leading to more wear and tear and higher energy bills. It is best to move your thermostat to a central location away from heating appliances.

6. Install a Zoning System
Improve the efficiency of your AC by installing a zoning system in your home. With this system, you customize the cooling levels of different rooms. The level of cooling required depends on the specifics of the room, which reduces energy consumption.

7. Schedule Regular Maintenance
Scheduling regular maintenance can help increase your AC's efficiency and reduce costs. An HVAC professional ensures that your AC works optimally and efficiently, and they can identify any problems before they become costly repairs.

Some of the most common warning signs that your AC system needs a checkup include higher energy bills than normal, your unit cycling on and off too frequently, ice on or around the compressor, or unusual noises. Make sure to hire a professional if you notice any of these signs so that you can quickly save money with an efficient AC system.

Increasing the efficiency of your AC system has numerous benefits. It lessens energy consumption, reduces utility bills, increases the system's lifespan, and saves you a lot of money in the long-term. Use the tips explained above to improve your AC's efficiency and say hello to more money in your pocket. Contact Dick Kearsley Service Center for all-things AC, including maintenance, repair, and installation.


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