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A heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is essential for a healthy indoor living environment. Research shows that people now spend about 90 percent of their time indoors which makes it necessary to improve the quality of these living spaces. Your home's HVAC system helps eliminate pollutants in the indoor air to prevent health complications.

For the HVAC system to work optimally, you need the right size that suits your home's needs. An oversized HVAC unit uses up too much energy and wastes a lot of money. A small system, on the other hand, won't meet your home's heating and cooling needs.

When you choose the right HVAC size, you get more value for money and a healthier home. To find the perfect HVAC size for your home, here are some tips.

1. Consider Your Home's Heating and Cooling Needs
Every home has unique heating and cooling needs. Some factors, such as the geographical location of your home and the style of the house, can increase or reduce heating needs. For example, if your home's architectural style includes large French windows, your home's cooling needs are lower.

If your area has hot weather throughout the year, you might need a higher capacity HVAC system. To buy the right-sized HVAC unit, always consult a certified contractor. The professional will review your home's physical outlay and determine the best HVAC size to suit your home.

2. Understand Your HVAC Capacity
British Thermal Units (BTUs) is the standard measurement for a HVAC system's capacity. A HVAC contractor applies different factors to determine the right BTUs for your HVAC unit. The factors include the home's square footage, geographical location of the building, openings in a building, and the sunlight or shade over the house.

Other considerations include your home's insulation, the amount of HVAC ductwork required, the number of people in the space, and the current heating and cooling appliances in your living space.

The contractor can use different approaches to determine the right HVAC size for your home. The Manual J method is a popular method. To get the right capacity, a contractor compares heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. This method also considers multiple factors such as square footage, ductwork, climate, sunlight, insulation, and extra appliances.

3. Assess Any Space Limitations
Some unique home designs require special considerations when choosing a HVAC system. If you have limited space inside your house, your HVAC contractor can recommend a ductless mini-split system. This unit cools specific parts of the house effectively.
4. Use Efficiency Rating as a Guide
You should also consider HVAC energy efficiency ratings of the desired HVAC unit. Your state might have a minimum SEER rating for these systems. Energy efficiency should be a top consideration when you shop for a HVAC system because the higher the energy efficiency of your unit, the lower energy bills.

When you compare different size of HVAC brands, use the energy efficiency rating as your guide. The best system should make your home more energy efficient without forcing you to break the bank.

5. Consider Maintenance Costs
A high capacity HVAC unit might look like the best deal for your home, but it also comes at a higher cost. As you pick the size of your system, you’ll need to balance between energy efficiency, the initial HVAC buying cost, and the maintenance cost to get the best value for money.

Additionally, don't buy a higher HVAC capacity than you need for your space because there's a risk of short-cycling, which is when your unit starts and stops constantly, and this can cause accelerated wear and tear.

The right HVAC size is critical for your home's energy efficiency and requires the input of a qualified HVAC contractor. If you need help to pick the right HVAC for your home, contact us today. Dick Kearsley Service Center is Northern Utah's all-in-one Heating, A/C, and Appliance Repair since 1971.


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