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If you haven't updated your thermostat since you moved into your home, you may still be using an old manual-style thermostat. While a manual thermostat will still get the job done, there are several compelling reasons to switch to a programmable thermostat that many homeowners may not be aware of. Here are five benefits of upgrading to a programmable thermostat.

1. Accurate Indoor Temperatures

Manual thermostats use a needle and a metal arm known as the heat anticipator to read the temperature of the surrounding air. While this is generally accurate enough to keep your home in a comfortable range of temperatures, smart thermostats greatly improve on the accuracy of manual models.

The more accurate your thermostat is the better use you will get out of your furnace and air conditioner. Since a smart thermostat reads more precisely, it will do a better job of turning your HVAC system on and off precisely when it is needed.

2. Ease of Use

Modern smart thermostats have user interfaces that are very easy to understand and use. A large, bright touchscreen is easier to see than the needle on a manual thermostat if you need to make an adjustment in the middle of the night. Many smart thermostats also provide recommendations for the most comfortable settings for your home, so you never have to wonder if you could be getting more out of your system.

3. Wireless Connectivity

Nothing beats the convenience and speed of wireless connectivity for modern smart appliances. If your bedroom is on a different floor than your thermostat, being able to adjust the temperature at will from your smartphone is a welcome feature. If you have left for work and forgotten to adjust your HVAC system for the day, you can do so without interrupting your commute.

In addition to smartphone control, wireless smart thermostats are capable of interfacing with other smart devices as well. By purchasing compatible devices, you could create an integrated system that includes your smart thermostat, fans, lighting, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other devices all controlled from one central hub.

4. Energy Savings

Your usage habits have a bigger impact on how much you pay for heating and cooling each month than any other factor. Using a programmable thermostat to control your HVAC system is a great way to ensure you aren't using it more than it's needed.

Many homeowners set their system to turn off overnight an hour or two after they've gone to sleep, and start up again an hour before they wake up. This saves hours' worth of energy at night with no appreciable difference on your comfort level in your home!

If your HVAC system has duct dampers or separate air handlers, many smart thermostats include another energy-saving feature known as zone heating and cooling. With this feature, you can set your HVAC system to only heat or cool the rooms you are currently using. This uses much less energy than circulating air through your entire home because your system will be able to run in shorter cycles.

5. System Monitoring

Furnace and air conditioning problems are some of the worst to be caught off-guard by, as you can sometimes be stuck for a day or more without much-needed heating or cooling. A smart thermostat helps you avoid this problem by monitoring your HVAC system for common issues such as a dirty furnace filter, airflow blockages, high or low indoor humidity, burner ignition problems, and more.

A smart thermostat is a great way to add a modern touch to almost any home. If you are considering an upgrade to a programmable thermostat, contact us at Dick Kearsley Service Center for professional installation.


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