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Things You Might Do That Damage Your Washer And Dryer

Your washer and dryer not only make it possible for you to keep your family's clothes clean but also save you money over time. However, if you take your appliances for granted, they can quit when you need them the most. What you do and don't do to your washer and dryer can keep them functional for years to come.

Here are some things you might do to your washer and dryer that damage or shorten their lifespans and how you can prevent them.

You Overstuff Your Washer and Dryer

If you tend to stuff your washer and dryer beyond their recommended loads to save time and water, stop. Even large machines can break down from stress if you overload them on a constant basis. The wear and tear occurs in the appliances' motor  and other electric mechanisms.

Your washer relies on a motor to clean your clothing, curtains, and other fabrics. The motor creates a substantial amount of energy to turn the machine's agitator, which spins and moves back and forth to clean your items. But if you stuff your washer with heavy blankets, towels, and similar items, the agitator can struggle to move freely.

A struggling agitator can overheat the motor and the tiny bearings and couplings that support it. Once the motor overheats, it burns out or quits. You'll eventually need to replace the motor.

Your dryer can experience similar problems as your washer if you place too many items inside it. Dryers generate a significant amount of heat to remove moisture from your items. Bath towels, comforters, and other heavy items take longer to dry. The more heavy items you place inside the dryer, the more stress it undergoes.

You can avoid damaging your washer and dryer by following the recommended load capacities on their labeling. You can also wash a few items at a time. For instance, if you must wash and dry items with thick or heavy fabrics, only place a couple of items in the machines at a time.

If possible, hang heavy or saturated items outdoors before placing them inside your dryer. The heat from the sun can remove or absorb most of the moisture in these items. The less time your heavy items remain in the dryer, the less wear and tear it experiences.

Another thing you might do to damage your washer and dryer is forget to clean them.

You Forget to Clean Out Your Appliances

As with your oven, range, and refrigerator, your washer and dryer can build up with debris over time. Unless you clean your appliances after every use, they can eventually clog up with debris and break down.

Your washer, in particular, relies on a pumping system to drain and return water to it. The system consists of a pump, hoses, and clutch. The clutch connects directly to the motor, which allows it to control the actions of the pump. If the clutch stops moving, the pump can't drain or recirculate water from the machine.

Your dryer is also vulnerable to problems if you don't empty the lint compartment regularly. Lint can keep the appliance from reaching the correct temperature, which causes your clothes to stay damp or take longer to dry. These issues can gradually increase your electrical expenses.

Lint can also cause problems with your dryer's vent and exhaust systems. If lint keeps heat from escaping the system, it can back up into the dryer. Your dryer may become too hot over time, which is a catalyst for fires and other hazards.

To prevent problems with your washer and dryer, have them checked.

You Neglect Professional Inspections

Although they might seem costly, or even unnecessary, professional inspections are important to keep your washer and dryer running properly. Even if your appliances are almost new, they can experience the issues above without notice. A service contractor can find issues before they get out of hand.

An appliance company can inspect your washer's motor, agitator, and drainage system for clogs and deterioration. The inspection may require a contractor to take your machine through several cycles, including the rinsing cycle. If your washing machine makes loud sounds, vibrates, or doesn't drain water properly, a contractor can fix it.

A contractor will also check your dryer's vent and exhaust systems for debris. The systems must have the ability to transfer heat and odor out of the dryer and home. If needed, a contractor will clean out the systems or replace them.

After services, keep your washer and dryer properly maintained by cleaning out their lint compartments. You can clean the appliances after every use or as recommended by an appliance service contractor. Report any changes in your appliances to a contractor right away.

If you're ready to extend the lives of your appliances, contact us at the Dick Kearsley Service Center today. We're here to make life easier and safer for you.


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